Shmurda to Serve 7 Years Following Plea Deal

After a long and suspenseful wait, rapper Bobby Shmurder will be serving a seven-year prison sentence after accepting a plea deal in court today. Shmurda, whom quickly became a rap sensation in 2014 with his breakout single titled “Hot Nigga”, rose to fame in the hip hop and urban communities, because of his catchy hooks and violent lyrics.

Those same lyrics however would come back to haunt Shmurda in December of 2014  when he and several associates were arrested in a recording studio in New York City on a 69 count federal indictment with charges ranging from murder, attempted murder, drug dealing and a range of other crimes in the Brooklyn area. Prosecutors later used song lyrics along with an association with the well known street gang, the GS-9 Crips, as evidence in their case against him.

After spending 21 months in jail , failing to post his $2,000,000 bond ,Shmurda’s attorneys have come to an agreement with prosecutors earlier today for a plead deal where he will spend 7 years in prison and five years probation. Not bad, considering Rashid Derissant GS-9 associative of Shmurdas ,received 58 1/2 years earlier this year. There has been no official word from Shmurda’s representatives yet, however updates will be provided as they occur.

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