Spike Lee Prematurely Congratulates Seahawks For Signing Kaepernick

Spike Lee got a bit ahead of himself on Saturday, May 27, when he rushed to social media to give thanks to the Seattle Seahawks for signing Colin Kaepernick.

“Big love shoutout to the head coach Pete Carroll for signing my brother Colin Kaepernick to the Seattle Seahawks,” Lee wrote, in the caption of a photo he posted of he and the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback. “Truth is on your side. Much Success for the coming NFL season.”

While there indeed has been word that Kaepernick and Seattle have grown a mutual liking to one another, no signing between the former rivals has been made official. The Seahawks became the first team to meet with Kaepernick during his three-month free agency tenure, this past Wednesday. The team is currently in search of a backup for Russell Wilson, and while Kaepernick has said he is looking for a starting gig, many believe he may make a compromise to play in a system he’d fit so well in. It also doesn’t hurt that with guys like Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman, he’d be playing among other players who’ve proven to be outspoken on social justice issues.

It isn’t the first time Lee is making headlines for addressing an NFL franchise on Kaepernick. Back in March, he posted to IG with the exact same photo of he and Kaep, with a message encouraging the New York Jets to pick the former Super Bowl contender up. A day later the Jets picked up journeyman Josh McCown.




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