Taxstone Arrested in Connection to 2016 Irving Plaza Shooting of Troy Ave

Back in 2016 rapper Troy Ave was captured on camera busting his gun in a New York nightclub that led to the death of his child hood friend and body guard as well as him being shot as well. Instantly speculation of who was inolved and the cause of the shooting began to mention yhr nsme of the populsr podcast host Taxstone.But like the true street dude Tax claims to be he never shook under pressure and no arrest were made other than the arrest of Troy Ave.  

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NBC reports that U.S. Marshals New York and New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force arrested Taxstone, born Darryl Campbell, in Brooklyn this morning. Sources tell NBC he was wanted for a federal warrant that charged him with being a felon in possession of a firearm, but he was also being sought by the NYPD in connection to the Irving Plaza shooting.

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