Teen prostitution targeted at Super Bowl

A Washington group that fights sex trafficking is tackling teen prostitution at Super Bowl LI in Houston with a new campaign targeting guys who flock to big events like last year’s NFL championship, which had 428 sex arrests.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has teamed with 24 partners to stop the exploitation.

“This kind of activity happens at the Super Bowl, as well as similar major events known to attract large numbers of men from the Olympics to motorcycle rallies. The sad fact is that the demand for sex trafficking is a problem 365 days a year. But everyone, including sports fans, can play a role in combating it,” said Dawn Hawkins, executive director of the center.

The group launched #TackleDemand to raise awareness and hopefully to win the support of the Trump administration.

During the campaign, Trump signed an anti-porn pledge indicating that he is eager to battle sex trafficking.

Prostitution at the Super Bowl has been a concern for years, but the arrest total spiked last year despite claims from sex industry lawyers that it is a “myth.”



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