Texas Adoption Agencies Could Reject Muslim, Gay or Jewish Potential Parents

Texas is a major Republican state, and it seems some of the Trump rhetoric may trickle down to adoption policies, as adoption agencies may soon be able to reject gay, single, Jewish, or Muslim parents. A proposal surfaced last week from the state legislature which is looking to allow state-funded or private agencies that have religious objections to previously mentioned groups, potentially denying them to chance to adopt a child. According to The Guardian, five other states have passed laws that mirror the protection of faith-based adoption agencies that won’t allow children to go with parents that have differing religious views.

Initially, the bill was supposed to be debated and put up for approval this past Saturday, but lawmakers were not able to address it in a timely fashion. The bill will be brought up again next week according to the lawmakers. Republicans who pushed the bill said the purpose of the bill is to support religious freedom of adoption agencies as well as foster care providers.





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