The History of Pimp-Rap & Introducing Mr.Silky Slim.

Throughout the history of hip hop there have always been an assortment of characters that have made the genre of music interesting. Each character representing a different perspective of the urban street life. Rather it was the serious hustler rapper like #Rakim, the smooth playboy rapper like #BigDaddyKane, the dope boy gangster rapper like #EazyE. the stick up kids rapper like #M.O.P. The ladies man rapper like #LLCoolJ. The positive conscious rapper like #KRS1. Or the regular kid next door rapper like #FreshPrince. But for every generation there are new artist that enter the hip hop arena eager to fill the spot of their predecessor. I mean shouldn’t #Drake want to be the new #JAYZ ???
#Jay-Z & UGK Big Pimpin’

And this can also be said for the smooth talking no nonsense Pimp rapper. Since the early inception of hip hop there has always been the presence of a rap artist that have taken on the Pimp persona with much success. Why? Because everybody loves the Pimp! A ladies man that can control women like a pied piper. Of course we want to hear all about those exploits.. Tell me all your “Freaky Tales” of how you were “Born to Mack” having your way with countless women while riding in a drop top Cadilac draped in gold like an ancient Pharaoh. The first artist to take on the pimp persona in his music is legendary bay area rapper Too Short. He macked his was into the hearts of fans all over the world. And his influence in the rap culture is so undeniable that the proof lies in how many artist we all love, have had Too Short featured on their music. Too SHort is the only artist alive that can boast he has done songs with #Ice Cube, Jay-Z, #Tupac and #Biggie. Legendary is an understatement.
Too SHort “Blow The Whistle”

SInce the success of Too Short almost every rapper have made a song about Pimping or at least spit a pimp line or two. But some artist can spit the pimp rhymes and carry the pimp persona much better than others. Think about it, an artist like Fresh Prince cant pull off the gangster persona of Eazy-E…SO it was only natural more pimp rappers would began to emerge from their different regions and cities. Los Angeles gave us #IceT. Houston, Texas blessed us with #UGK that produced the first artist to put Pimp in his name. From Memphis came #8ballandMJG and #Tela. #DoorDie and #Twista slid in from Chicago. The bay area gave birth to #MacDre. Pomona City California introduced the world to #SugaFree. And no way you can talk pimp-hop and not mention the Long Beach Legend #BigSnoopDog. And the saga continues. And might I add every single one of those artist are reputable artist with a respectable fan base and solid music that is highly respected amongst real life pimps.
#50Cent featuring Snoop Dog “P.I.M.P”

2016 entering the arena of pimp-hop #MrSilkySlim. Simmering on the underground for few years building a buzz that has turned into a full blown disturbance. His “Cash Me Out” mix tapes have been in heavy rotation in the streets by all the real Pimps and Players for a couple of years now. His biggest hit record to date is “PGO” which was released on his PGO mix tape that have moved close to 200 thousand mix tapes can be heard in regular rotation in clubs in LA, Vegas and Miami. While Silky posses all of the characteristics you would expect from the Pimp rapper like the flashy cars, and jewelry and pretty women there is a little more to Mr Silky Slim that what you see on the surface. If you listen to his lyrics what you hear is the story of a man that is trying to escape the game. Similar to the film Carlito’s way starring #AlPacino, Silky has turned rap music into his new hustle to pimp. To show and prove he is prepared to join the ranks of raps elite he created a series on Youtube titled “Silky Sundays” where he does a freestyle every sunday to keep fans updated on his music. (My personal favorite is week 11.) A savvqy business man as well as an artist he records at #ExclusiveStuidos which he owns and is open for other artist to come record.
#MrSilkySlim featuring Kasey Jones  “P.G.O”

Silky Interview with Too Real For TV at Exclusive Studios

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 4.02.11 PM

As an artist Silky is a slick wordsmith. telling tales of every day up’s and downs in the game. While toasting to the celebration of the game. To the average hip hop fan many of his pivotal life lessons may get missed in the mix of pinky rings and talks of expensive foreign cars. But to the audience of seasoned Pimp’s and Players every jewel Silky drops is appreciated. And that is what separates him from the crowd. In a day and age where anyone good with the pen will rap about whatever they want to score a hit record, with Silky it feels authentic. The same feeling of authenticity you get from #GucciMane when you listen to trap music. The feeling of listening to someone who is actually telling the truth about their experiences. That’s Mr.Silky Slim.
Silky Slim featuring Pomona Young ” Throw Ya P’s Up.”

Silky Slim interview with comedian #MikeP at Hot 97.5

Soon to be released his highly anticipated “Cash Me Out Vol.3” which will be accompanied with a film to give a more in-depth look in the man behind the Mr.Silky Slim persona. His “Silky Sunday’s” Freestyles are still being released pretty consistently on Youtube every sunday to add to his campaign at He has his busy operation of Exclusive Studios. And he has been getting booked to do features with other artist around the country. Doing performances opening up on tour for artist such as #Kurrupt, #WC, #SugaFree and #DJQuick and more. And he was featured on the cover of #CrossCountryPimping5 available now on And he shares with the world a behind the scenes look into his life with every step through his social media on SO get use to the name and face. Get familiar with the vocal.s. If your an artist get a feature by calling 1-702-806-4880. And if your a player raise your glass and salute Mr.Silky Slim.

Silky Slim Performance in Los Angeles.

Silky Sunday week 9

Silky Sunday week 44

Silky Sunday week 49 (Back 2 Back)

Silky SLim Cash Me Out Preview 1

Silky Sunday Week 11 “My will”

Silky SLim “Like Crack”

Cash Me Out Preview 2

“Cross Country Pimping vol 5” Documentary Film featuring Mr.Silky Slim available now on #DVD and #Digital Download for instant viewing at

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