Tupac Private phone call with Monster Kody. Must hear this.

This is a recorded phone call with rapper Tupac Shukur and the infamous Los Angeles gangster Monster Kody. The beauty in this conversation is it shows who Tupac really was as a man. It shows who he wanted to be as  man helping the community and all the plans he had. This was a man that passed at 25. So compare his intelligence level to the average 25 year old man today. Let that digest for a minute… Go listen to a young 21 year old Chairman Fred Hampton from Chicago and compare him to your average 21 year old man now days. A 21 year old man today sounds and acts like an irresponsible kid. We need our men to grow up. We have too many men making grown up decisions and killing men doing life sentences in prison but cant make adult decisions to become positive and productive members of society contributing to the greater good of the world.  Simple as that. Lets get active. This is Too Real For TV…. Michael Maroy 

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