Two Men Busted for Delivering Heroin in Bergen County, Caught with 1,000 Bags

It seems that the drug of choice for many has fluctuated to heroin based on the recent arrest of two men from Paterson, New Jersey. 24-year-old Tony Crowe and 22-year-old Makia Reed were arrested for heroin distribution charges this past Thursday. The two men allegedly intended on delivering the drugs to many of their customers throughout Bergen County. However, they were caught up in an undercover sting, where they were taken down by the police.

A tip was given to the police saying that Reed and Crowe were set to make their way from Paterson to a number of towns in Bergen County, which prompted the authorities to set up the sting. From there, a sting operation was set up, in which Reed and Crowe were caught trying to sell 1,000 bags of heroin to an undercover police officer. According to police, both men are currently being held in Bergen County jail, and are set to appear before a judge soon. No bond has currently been set for the two.



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