White Man Crashes Into Black Woman, Then Shoots and Kills Her With Assault Rifle [Video]


Early on Saturday morning, a car crash and shooting resulted in the unfortunatedeath of 53-year-old Deborah Pearl.

Pearl drove her Ford Taurus down Richmond Road when 29-year-old Matthew Desha ran a red light and collided his Jeep into her car. His Jeep flipped several times and landed on its roof while Pearl’s car was just pushed further into the road.

After the collision, Pearl exited her vehicle and, to her surprise, Desha exited his with an assault rifle in hand. Witnesses saw Desha start randomly firing his weapon. Once Pearl put her arms in the air, Desha then took aim and fired his weapon at her several times.

Barbara Bartels, a woman in the area, called 911 after watching the devastating attack. After police arrived, they took Desha into custody immediately and Pearl was transported to Bedford Medical Center, where she died.

Pearl’s husband came to the scene of the crime with tears in his eyes. He said that Pearl was on her way to work at the Harley Davidson Diner when this occurred. Investigators have yet to release a motive for the killing, but this appears to be a crime driven by hate and intolerance.

Desha is being charged with murder and will appear in Bedford Municipal Court.


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