White Supremacist James Jackson Said He Wished He Killed a ‘Young Thug’ or Black Man ‘That Put White Girls Down the Wrong Path’

The racist revealed Timothy Caughman’s death was a trial run for a larger plan.

James Jackson made national headlines last week when he traveled from Baltimore to New York City to kill Black men. A few days after arriving, he used a sword to kill 66-year-old Timothy Caughman, a man who only exuded positivity.

Jackson, 28, is currently being held in Rikers Island, where he sat down with an exclusive interview with New York Daily News.

During the interview, Jackson revealed that he originally planned to kill multiple Black men in an effort to persuade white women to stop entering interracial relationships.

Although he grew up surrounded by a liberal family, Jackson started visiting the website Daily Stormer. This website was frequently visited by another well-known white supremacist: Dylann Roof — who took the lives of nine Black parishioners.

Jackson spent time in the military and acquired skills he thought would be useful when it came to his racist agenda.

When Jackson arrived in New York, he stayed in a Times Square hotel. He chose the location because he views New York City as the media capital of the world, and he knew it would optimize his exposure.

Just before midnight, Jackson set out on his mission. After failing to attack one man that he had followed for a while, Jackson stumbled upon Caughman. He then took out his sword and thrust it into Caughman’s chest.

“I figured they were fatal blows,” Jackson told the Daily News.

However, Jackson’s actions were met with a small regret.  

“I didn’t know he was elderly,” he said. Jackson admitted that he wishes he’d killed “a young thug” or “a successful older Black man with blonds … people you see in Midtown. These younger guys that put white girls on the wrong path.”

Caughman’s death was originally supposed to be “a practice run” for Jackson’s plan to slay more Black men. However, he changed his mind after feeling the effect of the first killing.

“I got depressed. …I saw it was too late. It’s irreversible,” he said. “I didn’t want to put my family through any more pain.”

Now, Jackson is feeling just an ounce of the punishment that he should be condemned too. While in Rikers, he has been forced to be surrounded by a population of inmates and staff that is predominantly Black.

“I thought it would be 40 percent white, 40 percent Black, 20 percent Hispanic … and all the guards, I didn’t expect so many would be Black,” he said.

Jackson, much like Roof, has been kept in protective custody, while waiting for his trial.

 “I think I’m going to die here,” Jackson told the Daily News. “I don’t blame them, I’d feel the same if I were in their shoes.”

Based on the account of Jackson’s matter-of-fact demeanor, he does not express much sympathy nor triumph in his disgusting, racist actions.

Jackson’s decision to take the life of a Black man for no reason did not make him look like a hero for the white race. People like Dylann Roof and James Jackson represent more racism that appears to yearn for the past when violence against Blacks at the hands of whites was law of the land. Jackson will more than likely spend the rest of his life in prison; however, his time away from the public will do little to change the poisonous mentality that he and others like him possess

Timothy Caughman did not deserve to have someone like Jackson decide that his life should come to an end. He did not deserve to be subjected to the views that have been upheld and publicized by this current presidential administration. Caughman deserved better and so do we.





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