Why did “Q” of WorldStarHiphop.com die? Conspiracy theories are crazy.

      First off anytime a man of power, fame or prominence dies there will be rumors, speculations and conspiracy theories begin to surface. From Prince, to Michael Jackson to even the most obvious deaths of  Tupac and Biggie the conspiracy theorist of the world will chime in with their ideas. And any man sitting at the top of hip hops most powerful website and online brand you can not expect any different. Once the story first broke about the untimely death of the 43 year old man commonly referred to as “Q” passed away on 1-23-2017, stories said he passed away in his sleep at home.  Not sure if that was a press release statement made on behalf of the website to be politically correct but it was peacefully accepted. However soon rumors start to spread that it was everything from the illuminati attempting to take over his site to back stabbing friend who ambushed him for competitors.

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    But the next day on 1-24-2017, The San Diego County medical examiner’s office said Lee “Q” O’Denat was at a business in a San Diego shopping center — identified by police as a massage parlor — when he became unresponsive. Paramedics arrived and attempted to revive him with CPR, but he was pronounced dead about 5:30 p.m. The cause of death is heart disease, with obesity considered a contributing factor, according to the coroner’s office. Peacefully dying in your sleep at home is a big difference than becoming unresponsive at a message parlor at 5:30pm. And that triggered off all the conspiracy theorist, including myself, to throw in there ideas of what happen. 


    The most popular conspiracy theory I have seen is World star hip-hop just did a deal with MTV2 for a new show featuring comics and hip hop personalities reacting to World Star videos with commentary planned to air on February 3rd 2017. So allegedly some assume the powers that be will soon take over the website in the wake of Q’s untimely demise. Then there are rumors that his drink was spiked by friends at the message parlor on behalf of competitor websites. I mean WorldStarHip hop has literally had a  firm grip on the number one spot in the hip hop game for years. To say others are envious is an understatement. At this time no word on who was with Q at his time of death at the massage parlor has been released so its still a mystery to the public. 

   Now although it has been stated that he died from heart disease and his obesity played a part in his health I personally have a more simple conspiracy that seem more sensible to me. Personally I did not view Q as being that obese and out of shape but I am no doctor. But living in Las Vegas, like massage parlors everywhere they have a notorious reputation for giving customers more than messages like “Happy endings” and being a cover up for prostitution.  And Q was known to be a ladies man with a public relationship with women like the infamous Katt Stakcs who has a very public history of prostitution, so maybe he was at the message parlor just having a good time and got too excited. Shoulder shrug. It is documented that dangerous amounts of prescription Drugs like Viagra and Cialis have been known to cause heart attacks. So maybe Q was just out celebrating and turning up. Sounds like a good way to go out to me. (Shoulder shrug) Whatever the case cause may be my condolences goes out to his family friends and fans and I believe in the wake of his demise World Star Hip hop will become and even bigger brand. I look forward to seeing the new show on MTV2 and  hope his family receives the proper residuals they deserve for his hard work on building such an impressive brand. Rest in power Q. Your star is still shinning. Take care of yourself. Be cool and Careful…Michael MAROY



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