Woman Kisses Random Man After Her Boyfriend Ignores Her During Kiss-Cam


The kiss-cam at Atlanta Hawks games have long served as a source of entertainment for both fans caught off guard by it, and those who anticipate the tradition in hopes of witnessing a golden moment. From Gucci Mane’s proposal to Keyshia Kaoir during a 2016 kiss-cam shot, to the incident involving the man who was all set to present his future fiancee with a ring, Atlanta’s kiss-cam portion of the event has long left viewers scratching their heads over whether what they had witnessed was a stunt or one of the most extraordinary live moments they’ve ever seen.

It was that Atlanta kiss-cam magic that was back in effect on Friday, March 10, when during the segment one apparent couple seemed to have not been on ideal terms to face the pressure of having to kiss one another. So, the woman involved turned, and kissed a total stranger when she realized that she couldn’t depend on her lover’s affection.

Her boyfriend would appear to get upset and storm off over her actions. Check out the video



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