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"Toorealfortv Is Back"

"You can really tell they put the work in and truly care about their clients Ana Maroy and her team are Fantastic.

Cajuan Mayo

"Visualy Over-powering"

"Too Real for TV is not only insightful as well as inspiring, but it is also revolutionary when it comes to displaying the other side of the culture."

King Isa

"The Legacy Lives On"

"TooReaForTV is a landmark in the culture. This platform always put the truth in your face to educate the curious and motivate all. The Late Great Playboy Maroy would be proud to see his legacy live on! "

Bazurk da Bandit

“extraordinary lights, a dance of chiaro-scuro”

  1. "World Famous Players Ball"

    You’ve heard about it, and had several glimpse into the Annual Pimp Celebration and Birthday Party for the Legendary Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan known as the Players Ball. But now you will get a front row seat and an in-depth look into the event that allures pimps, players, hustlers, gangsters and mega superstars from all over the world as they come to Chicago to earn recognition from where it really matters. The street’s. Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy takes you on a journey with The Archbishop Don “Magic” Juan as he documents a lavish lifestyle that could only be described as “truly pimpish.”

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  2. "Down South Players"

    Down South Players documents the lifestyle of a number of popular rappers that perform in what is known as the "Dirty South."

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  3. “Cross Country Piing Pt.1”

    Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy present The follow up film to the cult classic Cross Country Pimping. This is part 2 the Double Dose / Step Ya Game Up

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  4. "Cross Country Pimping Pt. 3"

    Former ProstituteI'm tells her story to filmmaker Michael Maroy dispelling the myth that all women are forced into prostitution. This is an excerpt from the Award Winning Documentary Film Cross Country Pimping pt.3 and she is also featured in the film

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  5. “Certified”

    This hard hitting release from Michael Maroy goes back stage at some of the hottest clubs everywhere from Chicago to Vegas, taking an inside look at the highest level of the party lifestyle, and looking back on Maroy's own career and history.

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  6. "America$ Daughter$"

    Michael Maroy's documentary America's Daughters: The Realities of American Prostitution offers an expose on the day-to-day lives of sex workers, showcasing the dangers of their profession.

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  7. "Guns"

    the 12th documentary in the film collection from Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Maroy. “Gun’s:: Americas Fascination with Firearms”

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