Too Real For TV Studios

This is What We Do

Video Filming

Our skilled team captures your story with precision, using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure every moment is captured in stunning high definition.

Video Editing

Transforming raw footage into captivating cinematic experiences through meticulous editing and storytelling finesse.

Talent Casting

Collaborate with our experienced team to select the perfect models or actors for your project, ensuring seamless integration and compelling performances.


Craft a compelling narrative that engages your audience, whether it's for commercials, documentaries, or promotional videos.

Top Directors

Each service we offer is meticulously designed to enhance your video's impact and captivate your target audience.

Drone Videography

Capture breathtaking aerial shots that add a unique perspective to your video, ideal for real estate, travel, and more.

Our work

2006-2010 BA Degree
Photography &film “Australian Film School”
2010-2012 Ma Degree
Direction & Production “Busan Asian Film School”
2012-2014 BA Degree
Direction & Writing “Centro di Cinematografia”
2014-2016 BA Degree
Photography &film “Australian Film School”
2016-2018 Ma Degree
Direction & Production “Busan Asian Film School”
2018-2020 BA Degree
Direction & Writing “Centro di Cinematografia”


2012 "Secret"
Best Film Winner “Sundance Festival”
2014 “Himmel”
Best Screenplay “Golden Globes, USA”
2016 “Guilt”
Best Fim Nomenee “Academy Awards, USA”
2019 “Hueco”
Best Foreign Film “BAFTA Awards”
2020 “Guilt”
Best Fim Nomenee “Academy Awards, USA”
The Pericuros

Meet The team

Ana Maroy

Main Director

Niko Reaves

Editor/Director of Photography




"Toorealfortv Is Back"

"You can really tell they put the work in and truly care about their clients Ana Maroy and her team are Fantastic.

Cajuan Mayo

"Visualy Over-powering"

"Too Real for TV is not only insightful as well as inspiring, but it is also revolutionary when it comes to displaying the other side of the culture."

King Isa

"The Legacy Lives On"

"TooReaForTV is a landmark in the culture. This platform always put the truth in your face to educate the curious and motivate all. The Late Great Playboy Maroy would be proud to see his legacy live on! "

Bazurk da Bandit

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